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Dalton levy will provide mental health services

The Daily Record - 5/3/2019

Tuesday, May 7 is the day to vote “Yes” for the Student Care Support Services and Safety Levy for the Dalton Local School District.

This levy will provide the school district with funding to upgrade security and provide additional support services for the children. One of the support services includes addressing and providing resources for the numerous children facing mental health issues. Do not fall into the dangerous trap of thinking mental health issues could never affect your family or friends. It could be your child, grandchild, niece, nephew or friend struggling with depression, anxiety, etc. who would be the recipient of a resource through the school helping them to cope with and navigate through their mental health issues.

Please invest in the lives of our children. They are the future of any community!

Your “Yes” vote on May 7 can change the life of a child, a family and a community.

Honoring Eric Nelson Alger, Class of 2016

Melanie Alger